ⓘ Due to COVID-19, CANOSP will operate virtually for the Winter 2022 semester, including an online Code Sprint.
Code Sprint - Winter 2022

Code Sprint - Winter 2022

This semester, we have 3 exciting projects:

Eclipse Adoptium and Eclipse AQAvit

Adoptium is a community-driven, open-source project dedicated to building, testing and distributing high-quality, fully-testing OpenJDK binaries to the Java community. AQAvit (Adoptium Quality Assurance vitality project) is an ever-evolving program to “make quality certain to happen”. We create tools and innovate in the area of software verification, bringing research and prototypes to production grade solutions as part of our mission to provide high-quality OpenJDK binaries.

Participating Students

  • Abeer Waheed (University of Alberta)
  • Jerome Ju (University of British Columbia)
  • Jocelyn Gervais (McGill University)
  • Nadeen Mohamed (University of Alberta)
  • Tommy Tho (University of British Columbia)
  • Yi Lin (University of Alberta)
  • Ying Zhou (McGill University)

Project Mentors

  • Shelley Lambert
  • Lan Xia
  • Sophia Guo
  • Mesbah Alam

Code Sprint Presentation

Language Server for Eclipse Jakarta EE (IBM)

Develop a language server and the associated Eclipse client for the set of open cloud-native Java APIs in Eclipse Jakarta EE to boost developer productivity. Eclipse Jakarta EE is an open source community-driven collaboration on defining and innovating on the next generation of cloud-native Java APIs.

The Language Server Protocol (LSP) enables language-specific assistance for IDEs and editors such as validations, auto-complete etc to be built in a common reusable way.

This project looks to develop a common Language Server using the Language Server Protocol for Jakarta EE APIs and the associated client for the Eclipse IDE.

Participating Students

  • Adit Rada (University of Alberta)
  • Aviral Saxena (University of British Columbia)
  • Giancarlo Pernudi Segura (University of Alberta)
  • Lana Kang (McGill University)
  • Lidia Ataupillco Ramos (University of Alberta)
  • Yicheng Hu (University of Alberta)
  • Yijia Jing (McGill University)

Project Mentors

  • Yee-Kang (YK) Chang
  • Kathryn Kodama
  • Paul Gooderham
  • Trevor Crawford

Code Sprint Presentation

Review Board (Beanbag)

Review Board is a powerful web-based code review tool that helps developers do peer review as they write code. Code review is a standard industry practice used to find bugs, improve quality, and mentor junior engineers.

Review Board is used by thousands of software companies including Yelp, LinkedIn, and VMware, as well as many open-source projects like Apache.

Students working on Review Board will have the opportunity to learn about back-end web development using Python and Django, as well as front-end development using HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, and Backbone.js. Source control is managed via Git on GitHub. All patches are reviewed using Review Board, and students will be participating in the code review process.

Participating Students

  • Chaoyu Xiang (University of British Columbia)
  • Dalton Ronan (University of Alberta)
  • Gurvir Dehal (University of British Columbia)
  • Joe Ha (University of Alberta)
  • Kyle McLean (University of Alberta)
  • Sheena Ng (University of British Columbia)
  • Taylor Christie (University of Alberta)

Project Mentors

  • Mike Conley
  • David Trowbridge
  • Christian Hammond

Code Sprint Presentation

Participating Project Organizations

Eclipse Adoptium and Eclipse AQAvit Eclipse Foundation    IBM    Review Board

Participating Educational Institutions

University of Alberta    University of British Columbia McGill University