The Canada Open Source Projects (CANOSP) initiative is a Canada-wide academic program that connects top students from different universities to work on open-source projects over the course of a semester. CANOSP is an excellent opportunity for students at your institution to meet other students from computing science programs across the country, connect with industry, learn about open-source development, bolster their portfolios, and strengthen their skills as successful developers and software engineers.

We aim to offer this course during the Fall semester each year in cooperation with our project partners and sponsors. While projects and availability may change from semester to semester, some of the partners we have lined up include IBM, Mozilla, and Beanbag–who will provide excellent mentors with years of seasoned industry experience to offer.

For this program to flourish, we need participation from various Canadian academic institutions. The following table summarizes what your institution would need to do to participate, as well as what CANOSP will provide to facilitate that participation.

Your Institution… CANOSP…
Provides a CANOSP Liaison Coordinates and communicates with the Liaison
Offers a local course code corresponding to the CANOSP program Provides CANOSP details, learning objectives, and procedures
Recruits and screens candidates for suitability Provides guidelines and prerequisites for selecting well-suited students
Provides a list of selected students Assigns selected students to projects based on their preferences and availability
Sends students to attend the Code Sprint Coordinates Code Sprint, provides accommodations for students, reimburses travel costs
Assigns final grades to students at the end of the semester Provides mid-term feedback and final grade recommendation from project mentors

We look forward to your participation and meeting your students!