ⓘ Due to COVID-19, CANOSP will operate virtually for the Fall 2020 semester, including an online Code Sprint.

Sponsor Us

Your sponsorship will primarily go towards the Code Sprint to help us:

  • Pay for out-of-area students’ transportation to and from the Code Sprint venue
  • Pay for out-of-area students’ accommodations
  • Provide meals, beverages, and snacks for students and mentors

There are four levels of sponsorship for CANOSP:

Amount Level Perks
$1,000 Bronze Recognition on webpage and company-provided page in bag (e.g., company info or internship/job opportunities)
$3,000 Silver Bronze + Company-provided swag in bag and recognition during the code sprint
$5,000 Gold Silver + Recognition on the YouTube videos (start and end)
$10,000 Diamond Gold + Recognition on t-shirts

We are very grateful for your support, which makes it possible for us to run this initiative to bring together students from all across Canada and give them valuable experience in distributed development, open-source software, and teamwork.

Participating Project Organizations

Eclipse Foundation    IBM    Keyman

Mozilla    Review Board

Participating Educational Institutions

Simon Fraser University    University of Alberta    University of British Columbia

University of Calgary